Every business is different to one degree or another, which means there is never 1 solution that fits all. As your tech team we will find or build you solutions that enhance and support your company.


Just as our slogan says, “INNOVATION CREATES ACCELERATION”. We we can always find/build you a solution to fit your needs and advances your company.


Amazing solutions should not be out of reach due to financial constraint. We provide affordable solutions to keep you moving forward

Its time you had your own in-house full time tech and digital needs department who can do everything you need.
Web design, code development, SEO, digital marketing, mobile app development, graphic design and much more!

Complete Webmaster & Website Services


Professional website design and development services. We will provide your businesses with a personalized website that is tailored unique to your business and brand. Graphic design and website content are strategically created and placed to create a leading authority ranked website for your industry/brand. Click here to see  our LIVE and ACTIVE sites!

wordpress seo services website design and seo methods and tactics


WordPress has become the leading platform for website design and development. A Complete WordPress development solution. We provide builds from scratch or from your chosen WordPress template.  Including wordpress custom codes and plugins, edits, and web scripts

ecommerce website building layouts and design with SEO


Having an e-store is just level 1. Lets work together to add features and sales hooks, marketing, and special functions to your store! Using SEO and other free marketing tactics or targeted ads, and social media growth; together lets bring your e-commerce store to the next level.

Complete SEO Services(Search Engine Optimizations)

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is an ever changing animal that  involves decisive moves coupled with a strategy that is fluid and adaptive. There is no “1 solution fits all” but there is always a solution.

Social Media Management& Social Media Growth

We can handle every aspect of your comprehensive social media strategy. We will discuss your brand and your goals to create a tailored action-plan that will help you to generate social media growth and social interactions on all social media platforms.

gdpr rules and compliance for websites and businesses


With the new GDPR rules and regulations, along with other Privacy police regulations, we are your in-house tech team, keeping you up to code. 


create your entire Ethereum Coin and full sales and White paper website with all functions to take in payments and sell your coin.

Web Accessibility Solution for ADA & WCAG Compliance

WCAG & ADA compliance, Accessibility statement and certification of performance.

Targeted Facebook Marketing Growth Guaranteed

No Ads, no boosted post, no additional budget needed! 100% manual unique FAST Growth! Special strategy that uses methods that are 100% white hat and designed to create real responses and growth!

Target & Join Groups/Pages That Are Industry/Product Specific

We target groups and pages that are specific to your niche. We then extract all the users of all the groups or pages. Each campaign usually generates up over 10,000 leads.
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Step 01

Add Each Lead As A Friend

Using the Extracted target list, we add the leads to your FB account as a friend that actually have an interest in your product and industry.
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Step 02

Start Targeted Messaging Campaign

Build engagement with your FB friends through the messaging. We can segment out the friends that are niche/industry or target specific and send them a personal message about your product or service. Messages can contain TEXT or TEXT+Image and are sent as part of a series or as an individual.
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Step 03

Guaranteed Growth

Through direct messaging you will receive Guaranteed Growth to your website and social media accounts (ie: fb page or group).

Complete Code & Custom Solutions

website seo services and social media growth



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Mad Hat Media consist of Me (Robert), and my 4 assistants. We are a small but highly experienced team of experts. When you work with us, you are working directly with Me and i am dedicated to you. That means when you need me, you can always reach me, just like i am sitting at the desk next to you.

At a normal tech company, You have to adjust to their hours and wait on people to be assigned to you. I DO NOT WORK THAT WAY, I AM DEDICATED TO YOU.

When you work with me and my team, we are your IN-HOUSE dedicated tech team. You do not need to submit support tickets, or wait for replies, You call or email me and I answer.  You need things done, we are here to support you, no waiting.

If you need something, we can provide the solution! You never need to pay for custom costs or something not being covered. You need it, we do it. We are your private tech team!