While we strive to provide the best solutions as client retention is our ultimate goal; we can not always satisfy everyone. We maintain that ALL SALES ARE FINAL. 0 Refunds for any and all products and services. If you don’t like our policy, don’t buy from us.

When it comes to plugins and codes, there are millions of variations and possible conflicts. I can not guarantee that my plugins will work with all configurations. We do try our best to create compatibility when we do get a report of a conflict between plugins and configurations.

A PLUGIN OR CONFIGURATION CONFLICT DOES NOT MEAN OUR PLUGINS HAVE A BUG AND IS NOT GROUNDS FOR A REFUND. However we will work with you to try to adjust our plugin to fit your configuration. If there is absolutely no way for us to make our plugin work with your configuration, we are willing to work out other arrangements or remedies for you.

PELASE NOTE: Because digital services, codes, and solutions requires time, we maintain a no-refund policy for every invoice, payment or product. If you cancel your service for any reason, you forfeit your right to any refund.

Payment is due upon receiving of any invoice. Late payment is subject to fees of 5% per month.

Digital based services and/or products and/or goods are categorized as any service that involves “TIME” and as such payment for these services are NON-REFUNDABLE regardless of quality or amount time consumed to perform such services. Payment on any invoice certifies that you agree in full that there will be no refund for any reason to include early termination of work for any Digital Service. Digital services include but are not limited to, Web Services, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services, Google Ad Service, Facebook Ad Services, Advertising Services, Graphic Design Services, Web Design Services, Website or Server-Side Coding Services, Video Services, Reputation Management Services, Web Development Services, or any other act that that involves the use of persons or staff time regardless of service output, function, goal, quality, or quantity.

If we Cancel our own service to you with in your paid period, we will refund the balance of the remaining time.

Digital solutions requires working with peoples opinions and as such we strive to bring your digital creation to life. However a difference in artistic design or structure is not the same as poor quality. If you feel our delivered products are poor quality please share with us why you feel the quality is lacking. Please allow us to reiterate rejecting our artistic design is not the same as poor quality as is not a cause for refund.