Add To Cart
Trigger Pop-Up
For Elementor

Woocommerce Add To Cart Pop Up that works with Elementor. You can create a pop-up that will trigger based on a specific product being added to the cart.

You can build the pop-up to have any content you wish. The pop-up is made using Elementor Templates.

You will need these 2 plugins installed on your website first.

  1. Elementor (Free, the Pro is not needed)
  2. Woocommerce (Free)
  3. MadHat Elementor Woo ATC Trigger Pop-Up

Once you have Elementor and Woocommerce installed, then install MadHat Elementor Woo ATC Trigger Pop-Up. Once Installed you can use Elemetor to build a pop-up that looks amazing! The Pop-up can be attached to a product or multiple products and will pop-up and display when one of the selected products “add to cart” button is clicked.


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